About Us


Dr. Tariq Shaikh ( PT )

14 years of experience in a wide range of fields ranging from clinical physiotherapy, injury prevention and management in athletes, lifestyle modification, health education in children and ergonomics in corporates.


  • Head physiotherapist for Solaris Fitness World for 2 years.
  • Head physiotherapist for Pune Football Club ( Top Division) for 8 years.
  • Head physiotherapist for Kerala Blasters Football Club ( Indian Super League )

Specialises in conservative joint care and sports injuries management

Established the firm iphysio with Dr. Shweta Manerikar in 2009. Together they have been instrumental in breaking the conventional mould of physiotherapy services and earned a reputation in this dynamic field.

Dr. Nikita Bhatia ( PT )

Interest in clinical, orthopaedic and sports physiotherapy earned her an internship at the Soccer School of Pune Football Club.


  • She joined iphysio in 2015 and has been active for 3 years. In less than a year, her passion for sports and hard-work earned her the team physiotherapist’s position at Team Tennis Excellence ( team of national and international tennis players )

A certified dry needling and pilates therapist and a dry needling instructor focuses her work around conservative treatment for pain.

She has been a national rugby player.


Dr. Anu Ahluwalia (PT)

11 years of experience as a professor and a practicing clinical Physiotherapist.

She specialises in muscle imbalance

Her penchant for education and teaching has her finishing her Ph.d in Physiotherapy.

A certified Yoga therapist, a special mention of her personal achievement of knocking 30 kgs of fat off her body.

Experience and certified practitioner of:



Neurodynamics by shacklock.

McKenzie (A and B)


James Eta

Strength and Conditioning Coach

10 years of experience in Strength and Conditioning for people of all age groups

He is an ISSA certified strength and conditioning coach with his speciality in functional training.

He has played top flight football in India and then continued pursuing his footballdreams in Sweden.

Rumour has it, train with him once and you won’t want to train anywhere else.
Dr. Manish Pardeshi (PT)
4 years of sports experience

He specialises in individual athletes and sports teams injury prevention and management.He has worked with Indian National Football Team and with individual olympic athletes.

Specialises in :
Dry Needling
Sports Taping

Fellowship in Radiology for Physiotherapy has helped him earn a name in the field of ergonomics