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Since you are on this page, we are sure you are looking for RECOVERY.

Recovery from a niggling pain, never ending acidity and headches, an injury you sustained playing a sport, a neck-pain that started after a nights’ sleep or just an attempt at optimising your health.

Well then, you are on the right page where we have simple and educated approach to your issues.

Conventionally, we find people undergoing a battery of tests that are expensive / time consuming and a series of current and heat treatments whose effect lasts a couple of hours.

At iphysio, we look at more fundamental questions that define your wellbeing like your sleep patterns, hydration levels, nutrition, your blood type, your lifestyle and its relation to your health

No batteries of test that are expensive and time consuming.

No 10 and 15 day sessions of currents or heating pads

Come with all the questions / concerns you have and we are always happy to help.



1. Acidity, Headaches, Constipation and Gases

Did you know: Dry needling and Blood Group Specific Nutritional counselling is natural with no side effects.




2. Neck Pain, Cervical Spondylosis, Slipped Disc, Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Did you know: Muscle imbalance correction, myofascial trigger release, postural correction and centralisation exercises are most recommended.


NO MRI scans or blood reports are mandatory.

NO temporary management with electric currents or heating pads is required.


3. Ligament tears, ankle twists, and rotator cuff injuries:

Did you know: an activity specific sequential progressive rehab programme is all that you need.

NO Urgent Surgery is required








4. School Going Kids : Poor Eating Habits, Poor Sleeping Habits and Poor Attention Span

Did you know: age specific activities, nutritional education and a family initiative to implement and maintain healthy habits is the remedy to this epidemic.












Workshops for Corporates


Our client list and growing :

In what areas can physiotherapist help IT and Industrial employees ??

We conduct awareness programs at companies to help their resources by addressing fundamental health issues like Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Body-Type Exercise, Blood Group and Food, Ergonomics. insights / practical tips to manage their day better.

This is followed by a one on one consult with employees who needed individual attention.

Team iphysio at Vodafone Office, Pune with Managers and Senior Staff.

Workshop on Habits & How they influence our lives and our health ?

Team iphysio at Bekaert Industries Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
Workshop on ergonomics, health and lifestyle.

Team iphysio at Metro, Kharadi, Pune.

We addressed 80 working women professionals, on habits. A talk based on our SHARE – LEARN – TEACH Model.

Ergonomic Workshop at Adient India Pvt. Ltd, Pune.

Dr. Nikita (Physiotherapist) and James (ISSA S&C Coach) representing iphysio at Adient India Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

Introduced concepts of “Cubicle Fitness” and Industrial Athletes in an engaging manner.



Ergonomic Workshop at Bramasol Private Limited, Baner road, Pune.

An interesting interaction with team Bramasol focussing on fundamentals of health.

Ergonomic Workshop at Nippon Express (India) Private Limited, Wakad, Pune.

A practical approach to work related aches and pains.


Team iphysio addressing marathoners on nutrition, hydration, injuries,     do’s and dont’s, preparation tips – before and after a run with Mr. Raj Vadgama: The Man who ran Across India at Triple point industries Pvt ltd.

Workshops for Physios

What is expected out of a sports physiotherapist ?

What is pre-activation, recovery training, core assessment, refractometer, supplementation, doping.

What do i need to do to be ready to take on professional work once I finish college ?

Athletic Taping Workshop at Courtyard by Marriots, Hinjewadi Pune by Mueller Sports Medicine. Big thank you to Mr. Joel Luedke from Wisconsin ( USA ) for conducting this 2 days hands on workshop on Athletic Taping for Injury Prevention and Sports Performance sponsored by Mueller Sports Medicine which included Rigid Sports Taping and K-Tape at Courtyard Marriots, Hinjewadi

Workshop 4 at Courtyard by Marriots, Hinjewadi, Pune

Absolutely loved these budding sports physio’s !!
The workshop, the instructors and the venue reflect what we stand for … PROFESSIONALISM !!
How do these workshops help ??
For those who attended .. PERSPECTIVE !!
Another 25 physios join the iphysio family. A warm welcome to all of them.

The 2 day Sports Physiotherapy Workshop conducted on the 19th – 20th August, 2017 at Club Solaris drew a full house.
Interestingly, the youngest candidate was a 2nd year student ( right time to start getting practical exposure ) and the oldest was with 8 years sports experience. We did reach out to a few out-station physios and luckily had Ashley join us from Kerala.

Swimming pool recovery sessions, unconventional food, bitter coffee shots, core strength tests , worksheets and some interesting practical situations a sports physio has to deal with.


The 3rd edition of iphysio’s
Sports Physiotherapy Workshop !!

Introduced these budding therapists to concepts of training themselves, conducting on & off field sessions, recovery post training, taping, dry needling, cupping, core activation, exercise planning, nutrition and most importantly – personality attributes & soft skills that help make a sound sports physiotherapist.


Dr. Tariq Shaikh, Instructing at the AFC A Certificate Course, Kochi, Kerala.

Practical / Theory sessions on : Position Specific Training, Principles of Fitness Training, Role of A Sports Physiotherapist.

Strength and conditioning workshops for budding sports physiotherapists.

Hands on training with sports professionals, practical aspects of sports physiotherapy, on and off field training

News and Events

1 gold and 2 bronze for the Indian Rowing Contingent at the Asian Games, Indonesia – Palembang 2018.

Dr. Yash Adhye (PT) bagged the role of the Team Physiotherapist for the team .

Tariq Shaikh from iphysio was invited by Sanskriti Group of Schools to share his experience and life as a Physiotherapist.


Dr. Manish Pardeshi (PT) represents iphysio for the Indian Kabaddi Team at the Kabaddi Masters Dubai, 2018 and preparatory National Junior Coaching Camp to participate in the Badminton Asia Junior Championship.

Team iphysio

James Ita & Manpreet Singh Hora for the ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Course with Dan Baker from Australia held at Bellary, Bengaluru.


Dr. Manish Pardeshi represented iphysio as a Team Sports Physiotherapist for the Indian U-19 National Badminton Contingent traveling to Amsterdam and Germany in February 2018.

Tariq Shaikh from iphysio was invited as a panel speaker at the The Times of India: Global Business sports Show 2017, Mumbai held on 16th – 18th November, 2017.
Topics discussed :
1. Role of sports science : grassroots to olympics
2. Convergence of the old with the new: using data to optimise training techniques and enhance performance

Some interesting insights and a refresh perspective about science and sports

August 2017, we all had this question. Will they be able to handle it ?
Football is a physically and mentally demanding sport for the support too.
3 months into the job …
Aishwarya Shinde and Neha Nakhare, thank you for your hardwork and commendable work ethic. It is a rather tough job looking after 150 football athletes at the DSK Shivajians Football Academy, Pune.
A warm welcome to the iphysio team

Nikita Bhatia from iphysio for conducts her first workshop on injury prevention and management at Millenium High School, Karvenagar, Pune.

Sharing her sports medicine insights from the ambit of elite athletes to educating kids about fundamentals of health and fitness

Manpreet Hora from Iphysio assists Saurabh Deshmukh ( Head Physiotherapist ) for Delhi Dabang’s last match of the season.
It is this on-field exposure and hands on experience that helps physios develop practical skills.

iphysio as official Physiotherapy Partners for Dabang Delhi and Patna Pirates team in the Pro Kabaddi league, Season 5, 2017.

Saurabh Deshmukh :

Saurabh has worked with Kerala Blasters FC and Indian National Roll Ball team – World Cup Dhaka.

Congratulations Saurabh for representing the iphysio team as the Dabang Delhi’s

Team Physiotherapist.
Manish Pardeshi :

Manish has worked for the Indian National Football team and with olympic shot-put team.

Congratulations to Manish for representing the iphysio team as the Patna Pirates’ Team Physiotherapist.

Bollywood calling !!

Richa Chadda and Ali Fazal at iphysio, Baner, Pune. 

Lovely actors… just simple, beautiful, people!!

Wishing them all the very best.

Dr. Tariq Shaikh, Head Physiotherapist with Co Owner Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and Head Coach Mr. Steve Coppell. Kerala Blasters ISL 2016

Dr. Shweta Manerikar, Head Physiotherapist with Captain Ashwini Ponappa and Coach Nikhil Kanitkar, Team Pune Pistons, IBL 2013.

Dr. Nikita Bhatia, Team physiotherapist with Coach Aditya Madgekar and Coach Kaifi Afzal, Tennis Excellence, Pune 2017.


Promotional event with Sri Lankan Cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan